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Thank you

It’s a scary world right now, folks. We get that. So let’s have a little bit of positivity and say thank you to all the people who are keeping the world running behind the scenes.

It goes without saying that we appreciate the efforts of the NHS staff during this difficult time, but they’re not the only ones who deserve your thanks, your respect and your love right now.

Thank you to all the private healthcare workers, looking after our loved ones and putting their own health on the line to do so.

Thank you to the retail workers, doing their best and having to deal with abuse and panic buying while trying to keep our fridges, freezers and cupboards full.

Thank you to the people working behind the scenes to make sure the internet keeps running, the lights stay on, the phone lines stay open and all the other services we rely on are there to keep us warm, safe, secure and connected during the coming months of quarantine.

Thank you to the teachers who are scrambling to offer support while schools are closed, or who are staying on to allow key workers to get to their jobs.

Thank you to everyone who maybe goes unthanked during times like this. Know that you are appreciated.

If you can do something to support someone who is working hard during this crisis to keep us ticking over so there’s a world to come back to when it’s all over, please do so. Buy someone a coffee, cook your significant other a nice meal when they come home tired and stressed, show a little extra kindness when you go to Co-Op or Tesco or wherever it is.

Be kind to each other, support each other and we’ll come through this ok.