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Shopper-Aide Appeal For Hand Sanitizer!

The good people at Shopper-Aide will not be closing during the Corona virus pandemic and are endeavouring to continue serving their community as they have done since the group was founded in DATE.

This afternoon, they have put out an appeal to the people of Campbeltown and surrounding areas via their Facebook page.

“Can you help? I know hand sanitizers are like gold dust but does anyone have any they can give us? We need small bottles of them or a large desk top one. Please do not think we are being greedy but we will not be closing during the pandemic and want to do our best for the local community. You can drop them into our office any morning at 47 Longrow”

There has been some response already, which is fantastic, but if you do have any unneeded bottles of sanitizer, please drop them into the Shopper-Aide office or call them on 01586 551600.