Blockdown Challenge – All entrants and winners!

The Blockdown Challenge is over!

We had some absolutely fantastic entries, all of which are shown below.


This last minute entry from Isla Anderson looks like loads of fun! We particularly love the handmade sign and the spotlight on top of the building, great attention to detail.


A K'nex rollercoaster

Meet  six year old Robbie Marrison and his adorable co-builder, Murphy the dog.

Robbie goes to Castlehill Primary 2  where I guess he studies architecture and theme park design because WOW! Look at that incredible K’nex rollercoaster!

Robbie and Murphy would like to say “Thank you to all the Key workers  and Charity’s that are providing so many fantastic services!! You are all doing a fantastic job.”


Lucy McFadzean, aged nine, created this incredible Lego version of Campbeltown’s beautiful Lorne & Lowland church. The attention to detail in this build is simply amazing.


A Lego house

Nine year old Carla Renton built this beautiful, colourful house.

There’s a ton of details in this one and we really loved seeing all the minifigures set up, painting and horse riding and about to head out on a scooter. Looks like a fun day!

Carla would like to offer “A huge thank you to all the Key Workers in our local community, you are doing a fantastic job.”


Neil Watson, aged six, has spent a portion of his time in lockdown building an entire Lego city!

There’s a train station and cargo yard, a farm with a vegetable garden and watering system and a police station with fire and police vehicles.

Neil’s mum works for the NHS (thank you so much for all you do!) and they are “grateful to everyone that’s keeping essential services running but especially supermarket staff who have been subjected to such abuse but put themselves at risk every day so that we can all eat.”

We agree wholeheartedly, Neil.


Eight year old Kyle Gosling from Carradale sent us pictures of his brilliant Lockdown Lodges 2020. The Lego holiday village is powered by wind turbine and has zip lines to travel from lodge to lodge. We’d definitely like a long weekend there!

Kyle and his mum, Bryony, “would like to say a huge thank you all the frontline health workers who are helping to keep everyone safe during this awful time.”

It took a lot of head scratching, sitting up until the wee hours staring at the pictures. We deliberated, we cogitated, we caffeinated and eventually we decided on our three winners. All of the builds were utterly wonderful but we had to pick three and so, without further ado…


Well done to everyone who entered and to our winners, we’ll be in touch with your parents to send out your prizes.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered and keep your eyes peeled for more fun activities and competitions in the future!

The Blockdown Challenge

As lockdown continues across the UK, it’s fair to say that some parents are struggling to keep the kids entertained. Homeschooling takes up a chunk of the day and there are tons of books, DVDs,  video games and craft projects on the go but we’re still faced with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all piled on top of each other in the same house. 

In a bid to stave off the cabin fever, my son and I started work on a little project we’ve toyed with for a while. We are now in the beginning stages of building a massive, cross-franchise Lego battlefield which has taken over our coffee table.

Marvel, DC, Halo, Lego originals, all genres and all manner of blocks are in use to create a scene which encompasses many of our geeky interests. It’s been a lot of fun for us both!

As we build, we tend to watch other Lego fans on Youtube and seeing all of the amazing customs out there got me to thinking. So, kids of all ages, we’re issuing you a challenge. What can you build?

You can use Lego, Duplo, Mega Blox, Kreo, wooden building blocks, K’next, whatever you like. Make something amazing and send your name and a picture to [email protected] and we’ll put together a gallery of the images and show the world your awesome builds!

Along with your name and picture, please feel free to include a little note to say thank you to all of the keyworkers and maybe share a link to any charity or fundraising effort that you might particularly like to see people supported.

As an incentive to get you building, we’ve got three awesome Lego sets to send out to three lucky winners. All builds will be added to the gallery as we go and we’ll base the decision on a mix of personal judgement and public opinion, so make sure to tell your friends to like and comment.

All entries to be in by 31st May, which gives you lots of time to make something amazing. Get building!

McIvors – Product List (As of 7th April 2020)

McIvors offer free local delivery for their fruit & veg boxes, with the following options available, subject to market availability:

Call 01586 552386 to order.

VEG BOX – £10.00

Potatoes (2kg)
Carrots (500g)
Savoy cabbage (500g)
Turnip (500g)
Courgettes (400g)
Broccoli (350g)
Leeks (350g)
Cauliflower (1 whole)
Onions (3 medium)
Parsley (1 bunch)

FRUIT & VEG BOX – £15.00

Everything included in the Veg Box above, with the addition of:
Apples (3)
Bananas (3)
Satsumas (5)
Pears (3)
Kiwi fruit (2)
Plums (3)


Everything included in the Fruit & Veg Box above, with the addition of:

Iceberg lettuce (1)
Cucumber (1)
Pepper (1)
Tomatoes (4)
Spring onions (4)
Head of celery (1)

Ask about available add-ons, including morning rolls, Kintyre Free Range eggs, Gigha milk, home baking and Inverlochy cheese.

Call 01586 552386 to order.

PRODUCT LIST: Argyll Bakeries (as of 30th March)

Due to the current demand, Argyll Bakeries hope you understand the need to streamline the products available for delivery.

Where an order cannot be fulfilled, the item in question will be substituted with the nearest product. Please let Argyll Bakeries know if you do not wish substitutions to be made.



Homestyle (white pan) – £1.94
Crusty white (400g) – £1.80

Multiseed (seeded brown) – £2.28
Rustic (brown) – £2.00


Morning Roll x 6 – £1.74
Morning Roll x 4 – £1.16
Wheaten Roll x 4 – £1.36


Scones (packet of 4) – £1.92
Sultana scones (packet of 4) – £1.92
Pancakes – £1.84
Potato scones (packet of 6) – £1.98
Farm scones (packet of 2) – £1.52
Danish (packet of 2) – £1.80


Farmhouse loaf – £2.95
Banana loaf – £2.90
Ginger bread – £3.00
Apple tart – £2.55


Pineapple peak x 2 – £1.48
Raspberry peak x 2 – £1.48
Iced ginger slice x 2 – £1.56
Empire Biscuit x 2 – £1.52
Paradise slice x 2 – £1.60
Chocolate slice x 2  – £1.60
Tray bakes x 2 – £1.68


Scotch – £1.08
Sausage Roll – £1.02
Bridie – £1.08
Macaroni – £1.24
Curry – £1.44
Chilli – £1.44
Mince & onion – £1.44
Chicken, ham & leek – £1.56


Mince & onion – £5.50
Chicken & mushroom – £5.60
Chicken, ham & leek – £5.90
Chicken & broccoli – £5.80
1lb steak pie – £7.45
1.5lb steak pie – £10.00

Cottage Pie (No pastry available from April 1st)

(A limited amount of prepacked meat is available due to high demand)

Steak mince (450g) – £5.70
Diced steak (450g) – £5.70
Square slice (450g) – £3.90
Beef/pork links (450g) – £4.35
Chicken breast (x 2, vacuum packed) – £4.00
Smoked or unsmoked bacon (min weight 200g) – £2.90

COLD MEATS (100g vacuum packed)

Roast beef – £2.70
Roast pork – £1.90
Premium – £1.80
Royal Dane chopped pork – £1.50
Turkey saddle – 2.20
Luncheon tongue – £2.75
Corned beef – £1.90


Coleslaw – £1.80
Pepper Sauce – £2.00*

*Introductory price. Recommended with haggis or chicken.



MENU: Olly’s Street Food

Hot Filled Rolls

Square Slice
Link Sausages
Black Pudding
Potato Scones
Vegan Slice

One filling: £2.00
Extra Items: 50p each

Wraps (from £3.50)

Grilled chicken breast with buttermilk dressing.
Sriracha chicken with buttermilk dressing and buffalo sauce.
Falafel special with salad, mayonnaise and hot sauce.
Halloumi fries with buttermilk dressing and buffalo sauce.

All wraps are served on a warm, toasty tortilla wrap, with a leafy green salad.


Chicken Noodles: £4.50
Vegetable Noodles: £3.50

All served with a spicy chilli & garlic Asian sauce.


Ultimate Trucker Burger: £5.00
Bacon, cheese, avocado, buttermilk dressing and buffalo sauce

Kin-Tryer Gourmet Burger: £4.50
Haggis, onions, mushrooms and pepper sauce

Chaggis Burger: £4.50
100% chicken breast, haggis, onions, mushrooms and pepper sauce

The Olly Burger: £4.00
Gourmet burger halloumi, buttermilk dressing and buffalo sauce

Grilled Chicken Burger
100% chicken breast and buttermilk dressing

Spicy Chicken Burger
Sriracha chicken breast, mayonnaise and buffalo breast

All of the above served on a brioche bun, with leafy salad

Trendy Vegan Burger: £4.00
Mushrooms, onions and vegan mayo on a traditional roll

Tasty Snacks

Steak baguette: £4.00
Churros & Nutella: £3.50
Hot Dog & Onions: £3.00
Cheese Pizza Twist: £2.50
Pepperoni Pizza Twist: £2.50


Portion of chips: £1.50
Haggis Chips & Pepper Sauce: £2.50
Salt & Pepper Chips: £2.50
Curry Sauce & Chips: £2.50

Fresh Homemade Soup of the Day: £1.50

Fresh Pasta Dish of the Day: £4.00

Hot & Cold Drinks

Tea / Coffee: £1.00
Hot Chocolate: £1.50
Green Tea: £1.00
Bottled Soft Drinks: £1.50
Canned Soft Drinks: £1.00
Bottled Water: £1.00

Boots – Change To Opening Hours

Boots of Campbeltown (both the Main Street and Longrow premises) have been forced to change their opening hours, in order to cope with the increased workload brought on by the current ongoing situation and to allow them to continue to serve the community.

As of Thursday the 26th of March, the new opening hours will be as follows:

MON – 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
TUE – 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
WED – 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
THU – 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
FRI – 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
SAT – 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00

The staff would also ask that everyone understands and adheres to the current guidelines:

– 3 customers to a shop at one time
– Stay in the marked, separated areas to reduce risk of potential viral spread.
– DO NOT enter either store if you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of Covid-19.

You can contact Boots staff on the numbers below if you have any concerns or questions.

Main Street: – 01586 553208
Longrow: – 01586 552023

I would like to personally add that ALL key workers are doing an incredible job under unbelievably difficult circumstances and can only continue to do so if we all follow the measures laid out by the government.


Argyll Recovery – Assistance for key workers

We have received word from Argyll Recovery, who are offering their services to those classed as key workers who require roadside assistance or local recovery.

They are available 24 hours a day and can be reached on 0800 433 2468.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Argyll Recovery and all who are volunteering their services for working so hard to keep the community going during this incredibly trying time.


Shopper-Aide Appeal For Hand Sanitizer!

The good people at Shopper-Aide will not be closing during the Corona virus pandemic and are endeavouring to continue serving their community as they have done since the group was founded in DATE.

This afternoon, they have put out an appeal to the people of Campbeltown and surrounding areas via their Facebook page.

“Can you help? I know hand sanitizers are like gold dust but does anyone have any they can give us? We need small bottles of them or a large desk top one. Please do not think we are being greedy but we will not be closing during the pandemic and want to do our best for the local community. You can drop them into our office any morning at 47 Longrow”

There has been some response already, which is fantastic, but if you do have any unneeded bottles of sanitizer, please drop them into the Shopper-Aide office or call them on 01586 551600.